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Bridge Faculty Fellow Recipients

Science and technology are driving forces behind vast changes across much of our society.

For public officials grappling with difficult policy decisions, data and analysis from experts can be indispensable. Bridge Faculty Fellows work with the Bridge Initiative to engage with the policy arena, increase the impact of their work for the public good, and stimulate new ideas for research and innovation to help fulfill our Land Grant Mission.

Inaugural Cohort    2021 – 2022


Eddie Brzostek

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Eberly College

Forest Ecology & Ecosystem Modeling

The overarching goal of my research program is to understand how processes that operate at the level of soil microbes and roots influence the ability of forests to take up carbon dioxide and slow the pace of global change.

Profile: Eddie Brzostek

Emily Garner

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Statler College

Environmental Engineering, Applied Microbiology

I work in natural and engineered systems to understand fundamental processes impacting water quality and to develop solutions that promote safe and sustainable water resources.

Profile: Emily Garner

Jamie Shinn

Assistant Professor, Department of Geology and Geography, Eberly College

Geographer, flooding vulnerability, climate change adaptation

I use qualitative methods such as interviews, focus groups, and photography to document people’s lived experiences of vulnerability to flooding and to identify equitable solutions for climate change adaptation.

Profile: Jamie Shinn