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Waters of West Virginia

The Waters of West Virginia project brings researchers from across WVU together around the unifying topic of water, to find solutions that will provide economic development opportunities and enhance West Virginia's resiliency to the effects of a changing climate.

Policymaker Guide

The Bridge Initiative, working with the faculty and staff in the WV Waters Project, has produced its first policymaker guide: The Waters of West Virginia.

Policymaker Guide

Policy Briefs

Short policy briefs highlight key aspects of the Waters of West Virginia study.

Waters of WV Policy Briefs

Study Questions

Enhancing West Virginia’s resiliency.

This project is divided into three committees of experts focused on exploring and addressing the challenges and opportunities WV's ecological and economic systems face: Infrastructure, Effects of a Changing Climate, and Economic Development.

Committee Study Questions

Faculty Experts

Learn more about our teams

Our committees consist of professionals in various fields not limited to water quality. Each members' areas of expertise are listed for anyone in need of an authority in a specialized subject.

WV Waters Experts