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Bridging Science and Policy

We are the interface between the researchers and innovators building our knowledge, and the policymakers shaping our government’s priorities, decisions, and regulations.

Serving the Entire University

As the enterprise-level interdisciplinary science and technology policy initiative, our support stretches campus-wide to bridge policy to science, and science to policy.

The Bridge Initiative

West Virginia University’s Bridge Initiative in Science and Technology Policy, Leadership, and Communications identifies challenges and opportunities facing West Virginia and provides a bridge between the science and technology expertise of WVU faculty and staff and West Virginia’s national, state, and local policymakers.

In our work, we gather the views of stakeholders throughout the state to ensure we are making recommendations that serve the needs of West Virginians.

This work supports WVU’s critical land-grant mission to lead “transformation in West Virginia and the world through local, state and global engagement.”

Participating Organizations