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West Virginia Waters Study Questions

WV Waters Project Study Questions

The Waters of West Virginia Project is structured around an overarching study question, with committees of experts focused on key aspects:

What actions, if any, should West Virginia policymakers take to enhance West Virginia’s resiliency to adverse climate-related water events as well as the development of its existing and potential water-related economic and societal opportunities?


WV Waters has three committees, each functioning as a working group, to address a key set of questions.

Committee 1: Infrastructure

What is the current relationship of the waters of West Virginia to its economy, society, and related infrastructure?
(e.g., poor drinking water quality, crumbling dams and bridges)


Jennifer Hause


  • Jorge Atiles
  • Robert Burns
  • Emily Garner
  • Leslie Hopkinson
  • Jason Hubbart
  • Charlene Kelly
  • Christopher Plein
  • John Quaranta
  • Shikha Sharma
  • Hema Siriwardane

Committee 2: Effects of a Changing Climate

What are the challenges and opportunities of climate change for West Virginia’s economies, communities, and ecosystems?
(e.g., flooding, drought)


Nicolas Zégre


  • Robert Burns
  • Timothy Driscoll
  • Ronnie Helmondollar
  • Charlene Kelly
  • Jamie Shinn

Committee 3: Economic Development

How might West Virginia enhance its development of potential economic and societal opportunities related to water based on current scientific, technical, and financial opportunities?
(e.g., stimulus/infrastructure bill; hydropower partnerships, outdoor recreation opportunities)


John Deskins


  • Robert Burns
  • Peter Butler
  • Gregory Corio
  • Michael Dougherty
  • Tony Michael
  • John Quaranta
  • Javier Reyes
  • Hema Siriwardane
  • Samuel Taylor
  • Danny Twilley
  • Nicolas Zégre