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Carbon Dioxide Removal Possibilities in West Virginia Infographic text

  • Where is the CO2 captured from?
    • Atmosphere
  • How is the CO2 captured?
    • Natural processes
    • Technologically enhanced natural processes
    • Technological Processes
  • What are some specific ways the CO2 can be captured?
    1. In natural processes:
      • forest and land management
      • crops and soil management
      • freshwater inland wetlands
    2. In technologically-enhanced natural processes:
      1. Ex situ carbon mineralization
      2. advance crop cultivars
      3. bioenergy with carbon capture and storage
    3. In technological processes:
      1. direct air capture
      2. in situ carbon mineralization
  • How is the captured CO2 disposed of or converted to new uses?
    1. In natural processes, no additional conversion or disposition of the CO2 is needed.
    2. In technologically enhanced natural processes and technical processes, CO2 is used in biochar and other products, disposed geological, terrestrial, e.g., abandoned coal mines, deeper crop roots, and recycled and displaced as liquids or gaseous fuels.