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Our Team

Bridging Science and Technology to Policy.

Joan Centralla

Joan Centrella


Science and Technology Policy, Interdisciplinary Program Development and Leadership

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Debbie Stine

Deborah D. Stine

Study Director and Consultant

Environmental Policy, Energy Policy, Science and Technology Policy

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Brooke Eastman

Brooke Eastman

Science Policy Research Fellow

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Jay Cole

Jay Cole

Study Advisor

Science and Technology Policy, Higher Education Policy and Administration

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Moriah Taft

Project Manager

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  • Rachel Hostetler
  • April McGinnis
  • Katya Nolder
  • Robin Oliverio
  • Payton Seats
    (Civil & Environmental Eng.)
  • Samantha Thompson


  • Griffin Bradley
    (Political Science)
  • Scott Lopez
    (Civil & Environmental Eng.)
  • Christian Shockey
    (Political Science)


Former Students

  • Kevin Donnelly
    (Chemical & Biomedical Eng.) 
  • Bryan Phillips
    (Political Science)
  • Luis Andrés Guillén
    (Mountain Hydrology Lab)
  • Michael Jones
    (Political Science)
  • Will McNeil
    (Civil & Environmental Eng.)
  • Lily Nielsen
    (Plant & Soil Science and Political Science)
  • Eric Sjöstedt
    (Mountain Hydrology Lab)
  • Rachel Yesenchak